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Brussel sprouts

Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera


As with all the brassica vegetables the bottom of your fridge is the best place, ideally at about 4 deg C and high humidity.

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Origins and Culture

The first Brussel Sprouts were recorded in Belgium in about 1750 and reached England fifty years later. Today the huge majority of the UK crop is grown on the deep, fertile, peaty soils of the fens.

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Nutritional and Medicinal Properties

There have been many studies showing that brussel sprouts and all the brassica family confer an increased ability to fight off a range of cancers. This group of vegetables is thought to be more important in this role than any other fruit and vegetables. The anti carcinogenic properties have been attributed to isothiocyanates, metabolised from glucosinolates from the Brassicas, which enhance the body's ability to inactivate and excrete carcinogenic chemicals. There is also some evidence of them slowing the rate of tumour growth. More information through Google; isothiocynates / brassica / cancer

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Basic Cooking Instructions

Cook them fast whether steamed or boiled.

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