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Friday 28th October 2011


Rawtella is a decadent hand crafted raw vegan treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.
Located in the 'raw' aisle at

Rawtella is a combination of both fresh and soaked/dehydrated organic hazelnuts and stone-grind them with organic cacao nibs and coconut crystals for a wickedly delicious, smooth dark chocolate spread.

*also available in Coffee chocolate hazelnut and Crunch hazelnut spread.

Rawtella Chocolate Spread:

One truly decadent experience
Tastes fuller and richer than other hazelnut spreads
Uses whole hazelnuts - not just pieces or powder
Our hazelnuts are both fresh and soaked/gently dehydrated for maximum nutrition and flavor
Spreads easily like a creamy almond butter
Sweetened with truly raw coconut sugar, which is unrefined and lower on the glycemic index than sugar
High in natural minerals
Anti-oxidant rich
Original Rawtella is for dark chocolate lovers
Made with organic ingredients
Stone Ground
100% Raw
No added salt
No added oils
Sealed in Glass jars
20+ hazelnuts in every jar
6-8 servings per jar


Organic raw fresh and soaked/dehydrated hazelnuts, organic raw cacao nibs, raw coconut sugar.

Net Wt: 6 oz

Nutritional Info:

Serving size – 2 tbsp.
Servings per container – about 6
Calories per serving – 190
Total fat – 17g (8g saturated, 0g trans fat)
Sodium – 0mg
Total carbohydrate – 7g (3g fiber, 1g sugars)
Protein – 3g

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