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Wanigan introduces.....Oak Manor Farms

Sunday 22nd May 2011

Oak Manor Farms

Delton Reibling founded Oak Manor Farms in Oxford County in 1943. Oak Manor has become a world-class processor of organic flours, cereals and grains. The Reibling family was one of the first to bring electricity to the community for their dairy and seed cleaning farm.

Pioneer's in farming techniques, they were also one of the first to introduce chemical farming, virtually unheard of in the 1950's.

By the next decade, the farm grew to 1200 acres of land and benefited from the latest farm equipment. In 1963 the dairy barn burned down never to be rebuilt again. Fortunately, Delton and his son Dave continued their seed cleaning operations and cash cropping.

In the years that followed, Dave began to notice the soil was becoming sick from continuous chemical use. More specifically, he noticed there was a significant reduction in the amount of organic matter in the soil (fewer living organisms essential to good soil life such as earth worms, etc).

In 1975, Dave made the decision that the farm would return to organic farming. Oak Manor reduced their farm acreage to 450 so it would be easier to manage. They would go back to old-world farming methods while maintaining specific principles.

Oak Manor Farms foods now at


Organic Steel Cut Oats - Steel cut oats are oat groats cut in to coarse pieces. Oak Manor oats are toasted rather than steamed for optimum nutrition.. They retain their natural oat character and texture. Steel cut oats are a great breakfast cereal and other uses. Due to the coarse texture of steel cut oats it is beneficial for those with blood sugar issues as they are digested slower than oat flakes.

Organic 7-Grain Cereal - A hearty blend of Oats, Spelt, Rye, Corn, Millet, Flax & Sunflowers. A flaked hot breakfast cereal that can be used in other baking such as crisps and breads.

Organic Oat Bran - Bran from oat groats. Makes a creamy hot breakfast cereal and can be added to a variety of baking Some studies have shown that oat bran is an excellent choice for cholesterol control. A tasty quick cooking breakfast that can be enjoyed daily.
(All found in the hot & cold cereal aisle at


With summer on it's way these are great for making salads and dips!

Organic Chick Peas - They're an imperfect round, beige and give both a nut-like flavor and firm texture. Use whole in soups or salads or grind up cooked beans for hummus or for frying for falafel balls. Modest cooking time of 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Skins should be discarded because they're difficult to digest.

Organic Black (turtle beans)- are medium-sized black oval beans, that are popular in Caribbean cooking and adapt well to South and Central American dishes for which a heartier, earthier, smoother bean is desired. Medium cooking time of 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Organic Navy beans - are not navy blue as one would expect, but small white ovals that add a mild flavor to soups and salads and could be used in baked beans. They belong to the haricot bean (white bean) family, and cook in 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

(found in the bean & legumes aisle at


Unbleached All Purpose Organic Spelt Flour - Ontario grown, stone ground sifted spelt flour. For lighter cakes, pastries, cookies and breads etc. A good all-purpose flour.

Organic Brown Rice Flour - stone ground brown rice flour. It adds a nutty flavour to your baking.

Organic Whole Spelt Flour - 100% Whole Spelt Flour. Spelt is grown with a hull that is removed before processing. Oak Manor grinds 100% of the groat after hulling. A good high fibre all-purpose flour. Some people with wheat sensitivities find spelt acceptable to eat. Not suitable for celiac disease as spelt contains gluten. Spelt tends to be higher in fibre and minerals than traditional wheat. Spelt is an ancient grain. Use spelt flour as a straight up substitute for wheat flour in all your recipes. Whole Wheat Flour use Whole Spelt Flour. Unbleached Wheat Flour use Unbleached Spelt Flour.
(found in the rice, flour & grains aisle at

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