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Wanigan introduces.....MAISON ORPHEE vinegars & oils!

Sunday 10th April 2011

Wanigan introduces.....MAISON ORPHEE vinegars & oils!

Who is Maison Orphee?
Maison Orphee is a 20 year old family owned business located in Quebec City. The Belanger sisters have sought out the best terroirs in North America and Europe to bring you oils, mustards and vinegars that blend excellence, flavour and nutritional quality together.

Master oil makers...
That is right, Maison Orphee has master oil makers that patiently slow press the fruit and seeds to extract the best oil.

Products to think found in the oil, vinegar & salad dressing aisle at
Balsamic Vinegar - A vinegar with a lovely dark colour and a slightly sweet, woody taste. Ideal for vinaigrettes, marinades, sauce reductions and deglazing. Organic & Unpasteurized.

Flaxseed oil- Golden yellow with a pleasant nutty taste, this oil is cold-pressed and made in Quebec City. Flaxseed is one of the richest vegetable sources in omega-3 alpha-linolenic fatty acids. It can also be applied on very dry skin for (dermatitis, psoriasis & eczema). Organic & Cold Pressed.

Coconut oil - This product smells like a tropical island. It also has a higher smoke point. The smoke point refers to the temperature at which marks the beginning of both flavour and nutritional degradation for the oil. Our family uses it to sautee green vegetables (bok choy & swiss chard are my favourite) and cook popcorn. People also come into the store and buy it for their skin & hair care regimes. Organic, First Cold Pressed.

The products mentioned are just a few of their products we carry at

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