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Wanigan Introduces....Quinoa

Friday 28th January 2011

Wanigan Introduces....Quinoa

What is Quinoa?
Pronounced 'keen-wah' it is a highly nutritional edible seed that has been growing in South America for over 5000 years. Quinoa seeds are from a leafy plant whose distinguished relatives include spinach, swiss chart and beets.

Quinoa is really that good!
There has been such a buzz over this tiny protein packed seed and for good reason. Besides the fact that it cooks in approximately 15 minutes, is gluten free, cooked quinoa will last up to a week in the fridge. Quinoa is high in protein, iron and dietary fiber...oh and it is easily digested. Appearances are deceiving, this tiny seed will cook up to 3 times its size and provide way more nutritional content than it's other side dish competitors.

Products to think found at
Quinoa - the seeds that started it all. I like to cook mine in vegetable stock. I'll usually make a salad out of it the day before my new Wanigan arrives at our door. Whatever I have left over in the crisper is fair game for the salad. I then squeeze a little lemon juice and add some olive oil and we are good to go. Don't limit quinoa to just salads and side dishes though, it makes a great addition to soup, added into meatballs, eaten for breakfast and even made into pudding. (found in the'rice, flour & grains' aisle at

Quinoa Flakes - are a great alternative to oatmeal in the morning. They cook up like oatmeal (about 90 seconds of cooking time) and can be substituted in recipes calling for oatmeal flakes. Quinoa flakes have a mild or neutral flavour. (found in the 'hot and cold cereal' aisle at

Quinoa Flour - is made from the ground up seeds of the quinoa plant. It is ivory in colour and has a texture similar to regular all-purpose flour. Quinoa flour can even be added to smoothies to boost nutritional content. (found in the 'rice, flour & grains' aisle at

GOGO Quinoa pasta - is one of my favourite products that we have in the store and on-line. Spaghetti is a fairly sacred meal in our house so when I tried to switch out 'white' paste for healthier alternatives it was not well received. That was until I switched to the quinoa spaghetti, they had NO idea. GOGO Quinoa offers a variety of different pastas from spaghetti to macaroni to fusilli. Give one a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed. (found in the 'pasta and pasta sauces' aisle at

Wanigan Foods

Chocolate chip cookies (gluten free)
1 1/3 cup rice flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup quinoa flakes
2 eggs
2 cups chocolate chips
2 sticks of butter
1 tsp baking soda

Preheat oven to 350.
Cream butter and sugar together until smooth.
Add eggs, mix well. Add the rest.

Drop onto parchment paper covered cookie sheet and bake for 16 minutes.
By: Rebecca Cogan

Fennel-Quinoa Salad with Orange and Basil
2/3 cup orange juice
2 tbs. lemon juice
2 tsp olive oil
1 tsp. grated lemon zest
1 tsp. grated orange zest
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 cups cooked or sprouted quinoa*
2 cups orange sections
1 small fennel bulb, chopped
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
2 Tbs. minced shallots

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