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Wanigan introduces....Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

Saturday 8th January 2011

Wanigan introduces....Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

Who are Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery?

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery was started back in 1986 by two guys from BC with a belief that bread should be simple, organic, naturally delicious with the highest nutritional value for you and your family.

Bread without flour....really?

Instead of grinding their grain into flour, Silver Hills uses a unique proprietary process to sprout it. The grain is sprouted by growing them for up to 36 hours. This sprouted grain (which still contains the entire living kernel) is then mashed into the dough that forms the base of their bread. By sprouting the grain, they increase the nutritional content greatly ( retaining all the bran, germ, endosperm and providing up to three times the fibre in a single slice.) No flour or preservatives are added.

All that is just really good tasting bread!

Products to think found in the grocery aisle

The Little Big Bread - Each 23g slice has less than 1g of fat and a measly 55 calories. The big part comes in how much people love the light taste, especially children. (I have a child who...if allowed...would live off of pizza and sausages. I put it into his lunch one day, and he said it was 'really really good bread' If he likes it, pretty much everyone will. :)

The Big 16 - Low in fat with 13 essential nutrients and light in texture. The Big 16 is loaded with 5g of fibre and 6g of protein in every slice - and of course 16 grains and seed.

Chia Chia - described as a wheat free wonder. It naturally starts with quality ingredients and whole grains, oh yes and of course each slice contains 6g fibre, 1g of fat and 80 calories. (Made in a non-dedicated facility. No wheat or gluten added.)

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