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Wanigan Introduces... Raw Food

Wednesday 29th December 2010

Wanigan Introduces... Raw Food


Raw foods are made from naturally, organically & sustainably raised fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds and occasionally sprouted grains. Always dairy-free and gluten-free. Most significantly raw foods are never heated past 118 degrees Fahrenheit.


Living foods are full of enzymes. Enzymes help you digest foods and are catalysts for every metabolic reaction in your body. When food is heated past 118 degrees those enzymes are destroyed.

All that just tastes really good and you feel great eating it!

Products to think found in the RAW aisle at

TWO GIRLS COOKING - Tammy and Annaliisa make vegetable crackers ALL gluten and dairy-free. Mexican Beet Fiesta crackers are made with beets, flax..... and a little kick of crushed red pepper. My favourite! Popular among kids are the Sweetie's Zesty Carrot Crisps and the Rutabaga crisps which are outstanding alone or with dip.

LIVE FOOD BAR - the oldest RAW food restaurant in Toronto. Jennifer Italiano of LIVE has created an amazing offering of RAW foods like kale chips (yes chips made from kale not potato), granola, bagels pizza crusts and even desserts. All are gluten & dairy-free. So when you see descriptions like 'cheese cake' and 'sour cream' don't be fooled they are all dairy-free. It's the whole food ingredients that replicate the dairy flavour and texture.

RAW AT found in the RAW aisle at

Deluxe Nut Milk and Sprout Bag-Make your own nut milk (sounds complicated but is really easy) or sprout some grains like quinoa to add to a salad. Online now for $11.99.

Paderno Vegetable Slicer (formerly Spirooli) - makes long spaghetti like stands out of vegetables like zucchini for a pad thai or noodle dish. Regular $59.99 online now for $49.99 (while supplies last)

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