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Wanigan organic vegetable box delivery
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Wanigan home delivery

Wanigan is a fresh fruit and vegetable company bringing exceptional produce experiences to homes across the city of Toronto. Since 1997, over 250,000 deliveries have been made.

Each week Wanigan puts together fresh, sensible assortments of fruits and vegetables into various packages we call "Weekly Wanigans". You simply choose the right one for your household and have it delivered weekly, fortnightly or whenever you would like. The contents are different each week, bringing you a changing produce experience through the seasons. You can custom pick your own items and add to an order from a wide selection of individual produce items.

Our mission is simple: It's to provide our customers the widest selection of the highest quality certified organic produce at the best prices.


  1. What kind of products does Wanigan carry?

    At Wanigan, it's all about fresh organic produce and we work hard to provide our customers with large selections of exceptional quality fruits and vegetables at competitive prices. Specifically, we offer:

    • Preselected produce baskets which we call "Weekly Wanigans".
    • A large list of a la carte fruits and vegetables
    • Raw food enthusiasts will find a wonderful selection of items to choose from.
    • Wholesome grocery items including organic dried fruits, nuts, gluten free items and much more.

  2. Where can I see everything Wanigan sells online?

    • If you are new customer, click on orders, enter your postal code where prompted, click "find". When you come to the "create your order" page, simply scroll down for the entire list
    • If you are an existing customer with an online account, login and select "my future orders", then select either "create a one-off order for this date" or "amend this order". You are now in the grocery aisle.

  3. What is a weekly wanigan?

    • The weekly wanigans are how most of our customers order their produce from us. They are preselected assortments of fresh produce items that change every week. Each week there are 8 different assortments so you can choose one that best suits your household.

  4. Why should I order a Weekly Wanigan?

    The idea of getting a preselected assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your door may seem a little unusual at first but after a few deliveries you'll get used to the concept.

    • It's an excellent way to bring fresh, nutritious produce into your home on a regular basis.
    • Our customers tell us they eat healthier and cook more often since they started receiving a weekly Wanigan.
    • It's simply one less thing you need to think about in your busy week.

  5. Which Weekly Wanigan is best for me?

    Take a look at the "Weekly Wanigans" page and at the descriptions below. If you are still unsure, we recommend you start with a small Wanigan. It is our most popular Weekly Wanigan.

      Our most popular Weekly Wanigan, nice for families of 2 or 3 people.
      About 13 different types of certified organic fruits and vegetables.
      A good choice for families of 3 to 4.
      About 15 different types of certified organic fruits and vegetables.
      Typically for families of 4 or more.
      About 16 different types of certified organic fruits and vegetables in larger portions.
      A nice size for small families, couples or single chefs, 1 to 2 people.
      About 10 different types of certified organic fruits and vegetables.
      We suggest this one for families of 2 to 4 people who enjoy preparing meals at home.
      About 9 different certified organic vegetables each week.
      For those looking to keep their fruit bowls on the full side and some backup fruit in the fridge.
      About 7 different certified organic fruits in healthy portions.
      From Ontario farms, a nice size for 2 to 3 people looking first for locally grown ingredients.
      Around 11 different all Ontario grown produce items with an emphasis on vegetables.
      A well balanced assortment of colourful fruits and vegetables for nice city folk looking to balance good nutrition with maximum variety and value. Nice for 3 to 4 people.
      Around 10 different produce items of which at least 3 are certified organic, at least 3 are locally grown and 4 of the 5 food colour groups are always represented.
      Are you a new customer who want to choose all the items yourself? No problem. Select a custom Wanigan on your first order and fill up your basket with anything from our long list of items. The minimum order is just $25.

  6. What if I don't want to receive certain items in my Weekly Wanigan?

    • No problem, we offer free substitutions. Just send us an email to and you can request up to 2 listed items be removed and you can request additional items to replace them. We may need to improvise based on availability so we recommend you suggest an extra item or 2 for us to select from.

      To request a sub, please indicate what you would like to remove and what you would like to add using the following format:
      Remove: bok choy and pears
      Add: apples, carrots, oranges

  7. What is a regular order?

    • A regular order is a standing order. It is a great way for customers to have their delivery come on a "regular" basis without having to remember to reorder each time. In fact most of our customers have a Weekly Wanigan on their regular order and then choose extra items to arrive alongside their regular order.

  8. What can I put on my regular order?

    • Anything you like from our list of items.

  9. Can I cancel my regular order anytime?

    • Yes. This service is about your requirements, not ours. Start and cancel as many times as you like, whenever you like. Switch between regular orders and one off orders anytime you like.

  10. Can I order on an as needed basis instead of a regular order?

    • You can order however and whenever you want. As a new customer, when you place your first order the website will give you several different options to choose from.

  11. I have a regular order but I won't require a delivery for a while, what should I do?

    • Simply login and click on "my future orders". You can manage and cancel your deliveries for the dates you don't require a delivery. If you will be away for more than the manageable dates shown, you can email us the dates or go into "my regular order" and cancel your regular order.

  12. I'm already a wanigan customer, how do I place one time orders?

    • After logging in, choose "my future orders".

  13. I'm already a Wanigan customer with a regular order and I want add some extra items for my next delivery but I don't want them on my standing order. How do I do that?

    • After logging in, choose "my future orders" then select "amend this order".

  14. Is there a delivery fee?

    • No delivery fees, no deposits, no extra fees of any sort.

  15. How do I pay for my order?

    • We accept payment by Visa and MasterCard. After you place your first order, we give you a phone call to gather your credit card information. We will charge your card about 24 hours before the delivery is made.

  16. What time can I expect my delivery?

    • Your delivery day is the same each week. To determine which day your delivery is on, please click on the "orders" tab, then enter your postal code. The website will show you which day your delivery is on.
    • We deliver between 11 am and 8 pm. We go through each neighbourhood at roughly the same time each week so you will find that your delivery time will be roughly the same time each week.

  17. Do I need to be at home to receive my delivery?

    • No. The delivery is placed by your door or any spot that you suggest. The driver will knock to alert you the delivery has arrived and then they will carry on to the next delivery. Our drivers are employees of Wanigan, and your driver is the same each week.

  18. Can I leave a cooler out for you to put my delivery in?

    • Yes! Our deliveries can easily fit into coolers with a volume of 45 litres or more. Simply tell us where your cooler is and we'll put your delivery in the cooler. For customers of Large Wanigans or if you order a lot of custom (a la carte) items, we recommend leaving out a larger cooler.

  19. Does Wanigan deliver to apartments and condos?

    • Yes we do. For buildings over 3 stories in height, we leave the delivery with the concierge so please check with your building to confirm they will accept food deliveries on your behalf.

  20. Should I wash my fruits and vegetables that arrive in my delivery?

    • To optimize the quality and freshness of your produce, we don't pre-wash and we suggest the best time to wash is just before preparing and eating. From time to time, you'll even receive items that are still muddy with organic soil from the farm.

  21. What if there is a problem with an item that I receive in my delivery?

    • At Wanigan, we work hard to provide you with industry leading quality so fortunately produce problems are rare. However, from time to time they can occur and when they do, please let us know by sending us a quick email at and we will provide you with a credit on your Wanigan account for the value of the item that wasn't satisfactory.

  22. What if something is missing from my delivery?

    • Home delivery is a business of details, and we process thousands upon thousands of details each week. From time to time, we may miss something or be out of stock on an item so simply let us know which item was missing with an email to and we will make sure a credit is placed on your Wanigan account.

  23. Do you offer items from local farms?

    • Yes. Wanigan is a pioneer in the local, organic home delivery business in the GTA. We have always believed that creating a sustainable and healthy community includes supporting accomplished organic farmers who are committed to preserving the environmental health and vibrant character of rural Ontario. Many of the partnerships we have developed over the years are with small organic farmers. They tell us over and over that they rely on companies like Wanigan to bring their produce to market, because they cannot meet the packaging, pricing and volume demands of the mass market. We enjoy the role we play nurturing our farmer relationships and bringing healthy, independent choices to our customers. Everybody wins!
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